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About Aqualus Water

Aqualus Water’s Development

From Mackay Regional Council to Taggle Systems

The Aqualus Water software application (previously known as MiWater) was developed in response to the challenge of managing the large quantity of data that was being generated from Mackay Regional Councils (MRC) recently installed Network of Automatic Meter Readers supplied by Taggle Systems in 2011.

MRC employed Tyeware, a local Mackay software company, to build the application. All 3 entities worked closely together to ensure the software intergrated well with the smart water meters to provide valuable insight and reports to benefit the council and it’s customers.

In 2019 Taggle Systems purchased Aqualus Water and it’s associated applications from MRC to further develope the software into other areas like wastewater, industry and agriculture and commersialise it for overseas markets.

Taggle continues to employ Tyeware as the developer and still works very closely with MRC to find solutions to problems the council might be experiencing.

The History of Aqualus Water


Aqualus Water was first conceptualised as Mackay Regional Council (MRC) and Taggle worked together to develop a smart water network and required a software solution to visualise the data collected from automatic meter readers. Tyeware was contracted to build the software which was in use within Mackay Regional Council from late 2011 and expanded over in functionality and scope over the next few years. The software was originally known as MiWater.


The Customer Portal was released so households and businesses could monitor their own consumption and set leak and high usage alerts. Development of the Aqualus Sewer system also commences as wastewater solutions are added to Taggle’s network to monitor sewer levels and overflows in Mackay’s Wastewater network.


The Aqualus Water and Customer Portal solutions are upgraded to support commercial service delivery to other Councils and water utilities, with the first clients licensed before the end of the year.


Taggle purchases Aqualus Water and associated software from Mackay Regional Council with visions of further expansion across industries and into international markets.


MiWater is rebranded to Aqualus which includes Aqualus Water, Aqualus Sewer, Aqualus Telemetry, Taggle Agriculture (TagAg) and the Customer Portal.