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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal provides a utility with a turn-key way of providing access to customers to their own water consumption data, allowing them to configure their own alerts and communication preferences.

The Customer Portal enables a utility to take CRM functionality a step further by providing consumers with an opportunity to directly access their own water consumption data on a self-serve basis.

It permits property owners, tenants and real-estate agents to gain access to relevant water consumption data in a secure, moderated environment. This solution facilitates self-service by permitting each user to configure and activate their own alerts for high consumption, high cost or leak detection and then to receive such alerts via SMS or email. It encompasses a mobile-web solution for use on smart-phones.

The customer portal is developed with a fully configurable user interface to allow seamless integration with a water utility’s other we- based services through the ability highly configure the look and feel of the portal in keeping with its branding and style guidelines.

Individual property dashboard

Active Customer Portals

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Customer Portal Features

A range of alerts and reports assist customers in managing their own water consumption.

Customers can set their own leak alerts to be quickly notified if there may be a problem that needs checking. This is particularly helpful for larger rural properties where leaks can cause significant water losses and be difficult to find.

Customers can monitor their own water consumption and set alerts for if they consume more than average to help identify high water usage activities.

Recent water cost to help customers realise their water consumption patterns. In this diagram a tap was left on, the customer can now see the resulting fluctuation that will apear on their water bill. Luckily a leak alert was sent and the tap was turned off before too much water was lost.

Tools for multiple property management

The property profile allows customers to include information regarding their property and water habits so they can compare usage to other similar properties and it allows the utility to get a better understanding of customer behaviour.